Damage from Birds

Bird-Coil2Bird Coil - This product is virtually invisible to the naked eye when viewed from a distance of 10 metres or more. At a distance of 30 metres it is next to impossible to see!

The flexible bird coil utilized by NIMBY Pest Management is based on the fact that birds like a solid landing area. The Bird Coil works by de-stabilizing the edge, causing pigeons, gulls and other birds to land (and make their mess) elsewhere.

NIBMY Pest Management can install Bird Coil for you or you may purchase the product directly from us.

Ideal for rooftop perimeters and building ledges, the four-inch stainless steel Bird Coil expands to 25 foot length. Installation hardware sold separately.

*To order please contact us via email or call 1-888-681-6266