Golf Course Protection



Golf has always been a game enjoyed amongst beautifully sculpted nature.  It is the results of thousands of hours of maintenance and care revealing the greenest grasses and the most breathtaking scenery.  There is little that can upset a game of golf on such a golf course, birds being one of them.  While birds are part of a health ecosystem, golf courses can attract more than its fair share.  Particularly larger birds such as geese or duck find the sheltered, man-made ponds very inviting. The population of these bird species can skyrocket within a few years. The problem often persists because such birds are not only migratory, but they like to nest in the same place every year.  Once they have made the golf course their home, it can be difficult to take the territory back.  These birds will leave their unsightly excrement all over the golf course in addition to being an unwelcome obstacle for golfers on the course. 

There are numerous methods for repelling birds from golf courses. Popular bird control technologies include acoustic, visual, physical and chemical repellents. No particular method will be 100% effective on its own; however, combinations of repellents can produce great results.

Acoustical bird repellents include propane-fired cannons (also known as bird bangers), electronic sound devices, and pyrotechnics. These methods can be used to scare birds and by using multiple positioning techniques in conjunction with randomized timings the birds will not be able to adapt to the frightening sounds. Since birds hear just as well as humans, these devices are not always friendly for neighbours or golfers on your course. Golfers especially might not be keen on the loudness of propane-fired cannons but might not notice may electronic sound devices.

Visual repellents include scare balloons, flashtape, flashing lights, mirrors, predator silhouettes and falconry. Birds have very sensitive eye sight. Unfortunately, they are not easily startled this way. These repellents are best used to reinforce other repellents.

Physical exclusion can be used in nest prone areas where it does not interfere with the golf game. Chemical solutions have not see much success in the bird repellent market due to their lack of effectiveness.

Each repellent methodology offers different advantages and disadvantages. No one technology is guaranteed to work in all cases and often a combination is recomended. To choose the best bird repellent to protect your golf course, call Nimby Pest Management today. Management of other pests is also available including skunks, raccoons, rodents, snakes, and insects. Nimby Pest Management has the right solution to your pest control problem.