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When we were young we were all charmed by duck based stories or characters, whether it was laughing at Donald Duck or feeling sorry for the Ugly Duckling. Ducks are not just common in our cultural media, they are also abundant in our environment. They can be characterized as birds that are smaller than geese and by the brightly coloured males (usually during mating season). Ducks like to live near a body of water and do not discriminate whether it is natural or man-made. When a female duck makes her nest it may stay there for several years. For their dietary needs ducks usually eat insects, snails, and various plant life. There are several species of duck, however they are normally difficult to tell apart.


Ducks can be a nuisance if they take residence near your swimming pool, park, golf course, or water way. For example, a common case where duck removal may be necessary is when a female duck nests in any of the previously mentioned areas. As the duck population increases, so does the level of contamination from duck urine and waste. In addition, it is not uncommon for the young ducklings to die and attract maggots or flies along with a nasty odor. Even worse, when a family of ducks decides to make your property its new home, the family will likely return there for several years. This prolonged contamination is not only a health risk, but may also drive down the value of your real estate.

Duck Control

To effectively remove ducks from your property nest removal and physical relocation are often necessary. This is especially effective shortly after the young have hatched and the ducklings are not able to fly. If the family of ducks is relocated during this time the mother will be forced to stay with her young and abandon her nest on your property. Additional techniques such as exclusion netting, falconry, and visual/sonic distraction may be used to keep ducks from feeling comfortable on your property. For expert duck removal and exclusion call Nimby Pest Management today!