Grackle Control

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The Grackle (or sometimes spelt Grackel) is a North American black bird known for its extraordinarily fast breeding and large flocks. The Grackle is about 12 inches long with black feathers that are complimented by yellow eyes. The Grackle will nest in large numbers of as small as 10 and up to 100 pairs or more. The grackle has a varied diet. Grackle have been seen eating small animals, vegetables, insects, eggs, invertebrates, berries, seeds, and grain. They are comfortable nesting in human populated areas and will frequently nest in man-made buildings that provide cover. Grackle have been known to be fiercely protective of their territory. Even when faced with human intruders they will not be afraid to "buzz" the unwelcome visitors.



Like other birds with an aggressive rate of breeding, the waste of the Grackle can be a serious issue. The first threat is to man-made buildings and vehicles. With flocks of up to 100 pairs the shear amount of droppings can cause significant structural damage to building surfaces. Surfaces such as metal, stone, brick, and paint are susceptible to damage from bird feces. Substantial maintenance costs may result if a large populous of Grackle is permitted to take nest near or in your building. The second major threat is to human health. As with all birds, the risk of disease from bird feces is serious. With such large numbers, Grackle can pose a serious health risk. The third major threat associated with Grackle are to farmers. Grackle are particularly dangerous to sprouting corn fields as their large numbers can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Grackle Control

Grackle are known to be difficult birds to exclude from their nesting area. This largely stems from the fact that they are considered to have an above average intelligence for a bird. As a result, a single exclusion method is rarely successful if the Grackle feel they have a right to their nesting ground. Many pest control providers will recommend pyrotechnics, the combination of intense lights and sounds. However, Grackle have been seen simply moving from one tree to another nearby in response to such exclusion methods. The most effective solution to date has been either falconry or electronic bird repulsion units, like those offered by NimbyX! Bird repulsion devices use a variety of bird distress and predator calls to scare off bird pests. Unfortunately, the the Grackle is a smart bird and may become accustom these devices if not operated correctly and incombination with additional forms of exclusion. If you are suffering from a Grackle problem, turn to Nimby Pest Management for expert advice and best-in-class service. Call us today!