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In Toronto Ontario Pigeons are increasingly becoming a disturbance and pest as the roost and cause expensive damages to buildings, cars, homes and businesses. The sheer number of pigeons make it troublesome as best.

Nimby Pest Management offers complete and total control of your Pigeon problems. Will can remove and/or eradicate your Pigeon problems and clean up the feces (or shit if you will) that Pigeons leave behind.

Pigeon droppings contain uric acid that actually eats into the surface it drops on. Painted surfaces, canvas awnings, signs and other similar surfaces pose the most risk. Dried bird droppings can contain many fungal and viral diseases that can represent a serious liability to your company.

In terms of damage caused the pigeon ranks as the top urban pest. Their numbers are huge and they exist in every major city across Canada and the United States. They will roost in man-made structures and are generally not afraid of humans. While they pose a major health risk to our human population people, who would never tolerate a mouse or rat infestation, often ignore the potential health risks of Pigeons roosting within their domain. Pigeons not only cause damage to buildings and structures but do pose significant health risks to people.

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