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In Ontario (especially in more urban areas) the pigeon is perhaps the most prevalent bird pest. Their numbers are enormous and they roost in every city across Canada. Furthermore pigeons are not afraid of humans. They readily make their nests in man-made structures and their droppings cause extensive damage.


Pigeon droppings contain uric acid that actually eats into the surface it drops on. Painted surfaces, canvas awnings, signs and other similar surfaces pose the most risk. Dried bird droppings can contain many fungal and viral diseases that can represent a serious liability to your company.

Histoplasmosis, Encephalitis, Menigitis, and Salmonella are just a few of the common viral and bacterial diseases that have been associated with bird droppings.

If you are having problems with pigeons it is important to consult a NIMBY professional. We have the expertise to control your pigeon problems and safely protect your health and property.

Pigeon Trapping - Nimby Pest Control can trap pigeons using one of several methods. For more informaiton on Pigeon Trapping please take a moment to visit our Bird Control Products page.

The pigeon is a common sight in urban areas ranging from small rural hamlets to large metropolitan cities. Historically, pigeons are descendants of the rock dove and were brought into the country by early immigrants.

The largest problem that pigeons cause is the tremendous amount of feces they produce. Accumulation of the feces may pose a health hazard to the general public. The fecal composition is acidic and occasionally erodes metal and stonework.

In many cases, pigeons present problems in and around the home. Permanent control of the pigeon is not possible because these birds have adapted to stress and the many sources of food made available to them in the urban environment. The most effective control available is the alteration of their environment.

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Control of Pigeons - Your Nimby Professionals :

  1. The removal of roosting niches and the sealing of any crevices, large openings, and entrances in high areas aids in effective control.
  2. Available water sources, such as rooftop air conditioners, should be eliminated by screening.
  3. Never leave food or water sources exposed outdoors.
  4. Keep garbage containers closed. Dispose of garbage on a regular basis.
  5. On flat roofs or preferred ledge sites, bristling wires or sticky pastes can be used to deter constant infestation.
  6. Traps can be made or purchased. Although trapping is a slow and expensive process, it is an effective means of controlling the pigeon population in a given area. Rooftops, common roosting areas, and feeding areas are generally good places for trapping. Small traps are effective, but large walk-in types are better. It is important to bait the traps with the kind of food the birds are eating. Whole corn and grain sorghum are generally good baits.
  7. Bird scaring devices can also be purchased to frighten birds from a given area. Loud noises, flashing lights, windmills, and recordings of bird distress calls can be effective means of control. However, pigeons will adapt to this type of control method.

Bird Control Methods:

We use the following methods for control:

Border Collies, Trapping, Netting Auditory Distress / Predator Calls, Falconry, Pyrotechnics, Decoying & Repellents.




NIMBY Bird Control Products:

The following Bird Control Products are available for purchase through NIMBY Pest Management:  StealthNet Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Bird Coils, Live Bird Traps, Bird-Shock Flex Track. 

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