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Ants are a diverse group of insects with more than 12,000 species worldwide.  Most of us know them by their highly organized colonies and nests, which sometimes consist of millions of individual ants.

Friend or Foe?

While ants can be quite beneficial to our environment (aerating soil and controlling other pests) they are, for most, considered to be a pest.  However, due to their adaptive nature controlling ant populations can be both troublesome and, at the very least, frustrating.  Controlling ant populations is best left up to the experts atNIMBY Pest Managment.

Types of Ants in Ontario and throughout Canada:

Of the approximately 100 species of ants found in Canada, the most common are: Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Foundation Ants, Cornfield Ants, Field Ants and Acrobat Ants. 

Most Ant species will build their nests in soil, however, some nest in areas that come into direct contact with humans.  This is when ants become pests.  Some common areas include:  beneath concrete slabs, near foundations, under rocks or in wood.

For more specific information on the various species of ants in Ontario and Canada see below:

Carpenter Ants


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are quite common in Ontario and are normally about 4 to 7 millimeters in length.  They are usually shiny, jet black in color with some variations of reddish brown. This species does substantial structural damage when they infest a home. They don't eat the wood but hollow it out for nesting purposes. When these ants are seen in or around a structure it is definitely time to call the professionals at NIMBY Pest Management.

These ants are primarily nocturnal and feed actively from sunset to sunrise on other insects and plant foods. The main colony with the queen is usually found in trees, stumps, railroad ties, etc. and nests found in homes are satellites of this primary colony nest. Workers will forage 100 metres or more from these primary and satellite nests for food and water sources. They are attracted to decaying wood, but will readily infest sound wood as well to suit their needs.

Pharaoh Ants


Pharaoh Ants

The pharaoh ant (known as Monomorium pharaonis) is a small ant only 1.2 to 2.0 mm in length.  They can range in color from yellowish-red to black (the black pharaoh ant are often called "little black ants").  This particular ant will nest in soil or buildings, and are common in households where they feed on a variety of domestic food, especially fats.

They are also known to feed on a wide variety of other insects.  They can be especially damaging in houses and homes as they will often chew through insulation and electrical wire, cut holes in fabrics and even chew through rubber.  In addition, they can inflict quite a painful sting.

Control Measures
Due to it's persistence and resilience the pharaoh ant is quite possibly the most difficult ant to control.  It will nest in odd places often making it impossible to locate the main nest.  NIMBY Pest Management will utilize the use of  specific baits meant to seek out and destroy these ants.  We will use a variety of commercial baits containing insecticides (crushed in order to ensure that these small pests will carry them away).  Ask about our non-toxic alternatives as well.

Following NIMBY's personalized Pest Management program we will follow up with residual insecticides to further supress the colonies.  FOr more information please call your Nimby Professional today at 1-888-681-6266.

Foundation Ants


Foundation Ants

Foundation Ants (AKA Acanthomyops) can be found throughout Ontario. These ants are between 3.0 and 4.5 mm in length and are a medium red-brown in colour. The ants themselves can be found among leaf litter (in the fall for example) or underground.  For this reason these ants are rarely seen.

Problems in the Fall

As the winter approaches foundation ants will often move into homes or houses or within the foundations of homes for the winter months.  They will enter your home through cracks and crevices.

While Foundation Ants will not typically move throughout the home they may carry soil into the house.  If the colony is disturbed they will emit a strong citronella-like odour.

These ants are not typically destructive to homes since they enter through pre-existing holes and cracks.  Call NIMBY today and we will treat infected areas and seal up any cracks and/or holes.

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