Cabinet Beetles

Cabinet Beetle_Header

This beetle is small and rounded, which makes it easy to confuse with other small round beetles. It can also be referred to as a khapra or warehouse beetle.  Like other pantry pests, it prospers dry storage places that contain grain products.  The cabinet beetle and its larva (shown right) are very resistant to high temperatures.  The lifecycle of a cabinet beetle can be as long as 3 or 4 months. During this time they feed, pupate, mate, and lay eggs.  The speed of their lifecycle is highly dependent on the temperature and quantity of food available. This fact keeps household infestations limited to a few rooms.  Traps using pheromones may be set to control the outbreak.
How do cabinet beetles spread?

The typical source of infestation transmission is from contaminated grain/cereal/dried food products.  As their alternate name suggests (warehouse beetle), they are particularly destructive and intrusive in large warehouses and storage facilities that hold food sources.  Cabinet beetles may enter your home if the proper steps are not taken to protect the product from these pests.  The rate of breeding is proportional to the food supply available.  This is fortunate for home owners with cabinet beetle infestations as the infestation will be limited to a few rooms.

How can I identify cabinet beetles?

Referring to the above drawing of the cabinet beetle and its larva can be helpful in determining whether or not they are infesting your property.  The cabinet beetle is easily confused with other round beetles.  If you are having trouble identifying the beetle species, contact us for professional pest control service.

How do I control cabinet beetles?

Traps using cabinet beetle sexual pheremones are highly effective against the adult beetles.  The adult beetle's primary mission in life is to mate. Consequently, they are easily draw into traps which contain sticky substances that trap them in place.  There are two common forms of traps: hanging and surface.  Both may be used depending on the infestation type.  For professional cabinet beetle control call Nimby Pest Management.