What are Grubs? The grubs that we see in Ontario (and elsewhere throughout Canada and the U.S.) are the larval stage of beetles. In Southern Ontario (areas near Toronto and throughout the GTA) we most often see the larvae of June Beetles, Japanese Beetles and the European Chafer.

Grub Damage - Grubs cause damage to roots, especially lawn and turf damage. The damage caused by grubs is usually worse in the summer months from late May and early June through August. As the grubs eat away at the roots in your lawn you may notice brown patches. This is due to the inability of the grass to sustain itself without adequate nutrients from roots. Severe infestations may see up to 50 grubs per square foot.june-beetle-larvae

Grub-Related Damage (damage caused by other animals) - While grubs do destroy the roots in your lawn and cause ugly brown patchy lawns, they also attract other animals that love the juicy taste of these little creatures. Raccoons, Skunks and other animals will dig nasty holes in your grass while looking for grubs.

Easy to see signs:

1. The turf rolls back like carpet. This is because there are no roots left to anchor the turf. For this reason, there is no way for the turf to extract water. The turf will yellow and die quickly.

2. Digging holes may appear over night. This is from skunks, raccoons and other animals. They all love the juicy taste of grubs!

Proactive Care - It's probably a good idea to check your lawn in early spring to stop the grubs before they become a real problem. You can do a self check by cutting a square foot block of grass out of your lawn. Be sure that the cut is at least 4 inches (10 centimetres) deep. If you notice one grub you need not worry as the grass can repair damage on it's own when only a few are present. However, 4 or more grubs can lead to a great deal of damage as the summer approaches. If you see more than 4 or 5 grubs we suggest you cut another square and take a closer look. If you again see grubs you should call NIMBY immediately. We will send our certified technician to take a look at and treat your grub problems.

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