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Mosquitoes - Why are they a concern? 

Most of us find mosquitoes a concern due to the fact that they are a blood-sucking pest... literally.  The females are the only ones that can bite and the result is a red, itchy bump on the skin.  The primary concern, however, is they are known carriers of many diseases globally including West Nile Virus. Currently, the West Nile Virus is causing concern in the Canada and the USA.

When are they most prevalent?

In Canada the months of June, July, August, and September are peak months for mosquito populations.  It is during this time that preventative maintenance in and around your home is most important.  If you still find problems with mosquitoes you can contact your Nimby Pest Management professional to aid in solving this pest problem.

West Nile in Ontario?


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Signs of a Mosquito Problem
Mosquitoes are most active during the early hours of the morning and early hours of the evening (usually right around dusk.)   While one or two bites over the course of an evening is quite common, the concern should arise when an individual is being bitten more than 5 times an hour.  This could be a good sign that a mosquito breeding ground is nearby.

Exclusion - some friendly advice on keeping mosquitoes out!

Screens: It may seem like an obvious solution but keeping all screens on your doors and windows properly fitted will keep them out.  In addition, be sure that your screens do not have holes, rips or tears.  Covering the holes temporarily (with duct tape for example) will do the job until you can make a permanent repair.

Mosquito Netting:  While this is probably an extreme measure, mosquito netting around beds and/or cribs may be necessary in areas where mosquito infestation is high (ie: cottage country).

Keep the air moving: A ceiling fan or small oscillating fan will work well too.  This is due to the fact that mosquitoes are light and have trouble flying in moving air.  This can also be an effective solution in areas where mosquito infestations may be higher (again; cottage country).

Nimby Mosquito Control:  There are several pest control options available through Nimby Pest Management.  These include fogging, use of larvacide and mosquito traps.  Contact Nimby Pest Management at 1-888-681-6266 for your consultation.

We also offer pest control products (below) for the do-it-yourselfer.


KONK CRAWLING INSECT KILLER - The Konk Crawling insect killer will kill insects where they may be hiding living and breeding.   The KONK 499 is a 
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