Red Flour Beetle

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The red flour beetle is a common pantry pest. This pest is well known to operators of flour mills.  As a result, the red flour beetle invades our homes mostly through contaminated flour.  The red flour beetle has a reddish-brown in colored body that is usually about 4 mm long.  The red flour beetle is often mistaken for the confused flour beetle.  The food of choice for this pantry pest is usually stored grains, oilseeds, and products derived from them.  This beetle is most likely to feed on damaged grain; however, it will feed on whole wheat if necessary.  The red flour beetle thrives in environmental conditions between 20 and 40 C.  The red flour beetle has become entrenched in Canada as it is able to survive the winter if it find a protected dwelling.

How do red flour beetles spread?

As their name suggests, red flour beetles are commonly found in flour processing plants.  As a direct result, the red flour beetle may enter your home through contaminated flour purchased from the store.  Other infested food items include baking powder, beans, peas, and dried pet food or pasta.  As always with dry foodstuff products, damaged packaged goods should not be purchased or should be returned/discarded immediately.  Damaged packages greatly enhance the chances of a pantry pest infestation.

How can I identify red flour beetles?

Red flour beetles have a reddish-brown body that is approximately 4 mm long.  This beetle shares many characteristics with the confused flour beetle.  This beetle is capable of flying and under the right conditions it can spread rapidly.  If you are having trouble identifying the beetle species, contact us for professional pest control service.

How do I control red flour beetles?

Controlling red flour beetles is similar to other pantry pests.  The first step is to seal all possible food sources in plastic bags.  These plastic bags should be monitored for several weeks to see if any of the items were infested.  If any beetles are observed these items should be thrown out immediately.  Since red flour beetles do not lay eggs in kernels, they may be mechanically separated from grains.  However, the risk of missing a beetle, larva, or egg is still high and the possible risk of the infestation continuing should be carefully considered. For professional red flour beetle control call Nimby Pest Management.