Steam Pest Control


What are the specific applications for a vapor steam cleaning?

  • Killing of dust mites in bedding, upholstery, carpets and clothing. Dust mites, fleas and eggs are killed without the use of any chemicals or residue. Helps kill germs and viruses. Just think, a quick vapor steam of your bedding, and dust mites are gone. [You will still need to repeat the vapor steam cleaning frequently to keep dust mites at bay].

  • Killing of mold spores in bathrooms, basements, window encasements and other damp areas where mold spores flourish. We have found that this is huge advantage of vapor steam cleaning. It will not eliminate the mold which is now ingrained into grout between tiles.


It has been proven that vapor steam machines are the best way to kill and control bed bugs.


Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat and are rapidly killed when exposed to temperatures over 45oC. If heat is used for bed bug control it is important that the high temperatures are applied suddenly; a gradual rise in temperature will cause the bed bugs to disperse, thereby potentially spreading an infestation. Thus using heaters to heat up a room to a lethal point for bed bugs is inappropriate. 

The most practical method of exploiting heat is through the use of steam. The great advantage is that it will kill all bed bug stages including the eggs (most insecticides are non-ovicidal). 

A study from the United States (Meek 2003) has shown that using a combination of steam and insecticides provides better long term control than by using insecticides alone. As steam is composed only of heated water, some clients favour this treatment over chemicals, particularly for their mattress and bed. YourNIMBY Professionals will also use only steam, on people-sensitive areas such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, children’s stuffed animals and the like when eradicating bedbugs.



I have allergies to dust mites and molds. Why is vapor steam cleaning helpful?  

A. The all pervasive dust mite lives in our mattresses, blankets, pillows, upholstered furniture, carpets and even clothing. The usual method of getting rid of dust mites is to wash all bedding once weekly in hot water over 140 degrees. Very few allergy sufferers adhere to this regimen and end sleeping with dust mite infected bedding. Other areas are even more difficult to control and costly sprays and powders need frequent applications. The heat of the vapor steam cleaner kills the dust mites on contact. Just run the cleaner over your bedding, carpets or chairs and dust mites are killed instantly, with no wet residue. However, after you have used the vapor steam cleaner, you should use a good hepa vacuum to vacuum up any dirt and dead mite particles left behind. Mold spores such as those found around your windows or in your basement are killed on contact. There is no toxic residue after vapor steaming, which is healthy for everyone, even those members of the family who do not have allergies.


Dust Mite



Our Steamers:



Chemical-free cleaning is the safest way to clean your home, keep your family safe and protect our fragile environment.

The T730A has been designed from the ground up to deliver superior quality dry steam, and provide the best possible user experience. It will clean the toughest cleaning chores with its powerful 1400W heating system.

With the CSSTM (Continuous Steam System) technology, you’ll never have to worry about running out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Simply refill the built-in water tank when the water level is low (or the water light indicates it’s time) and away you go. No more waiting.

Your T730A comes with a 11 piece accessory kit that will allow you to take care of your entire house - we don’t skimp on features so you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Sanitizing tile floors, grout, kitchens, bathrooms
Pet areas, children’s toys, work-out rooms

Kills dust mites and bacteria

Removes allergens, mold and mildew

CSSTM - allows easy & continuous refilling while in use • 58 p.s.i. operating pressure = DRY STEAM

Stainless steel tank (18/10) • Manometer - pressure gauge

Adjustable pressure controller (located on handle) • 8’ electrical cord

Automatic shut-off - with low water light indicator • 7’ steam hose cord

It is important to note that there any many different brands and types of steam machines on the market, however not all are appropriate; the unit must be able to produce steam of a low vapour flow and high temperature. Steam flow rate must be kept to a minimum to avoid blowing bed bugs about and to reduce wetting. Like any tool, steam machines are only as effective as the operator. To achieve anywhere near eradication, an intimate knowledge of the pest and its ecology are essential, inspections must be diligent and the treatment process must be meticulous. The instructions of the steam machine must be read thoroughly noting all safety instructions prior to use. As all steam machines take time to reach operating temperatures, this can be done while the inspection is in progress.

As the steam machines are operated with a low vapour flow rate it is necessary to place the nozzle directly onto the surface being treated; the temperature drops away rapidly from the nozzle and a separation of only a few centimeters will not be lethal to the bugs. The nozzle should be moved along at a rate of only 30cm per every 10-15 seconds. 

The steam treatment should start with the mattress and be applied to the seams, under labels and handles, and both inside and out of an ensemble base. It will be necessary to remove the material base of the ensemble which should be kept, and if required, re-stapled after the infestation has been eradicated. 
Cushions of chairs and sofas should be treated next, paying particular attention to seams and buttons. Always check if the sofa is a sofa bed, and if so, treat the mattress as above. Carpet edges can also be treated with steam, along with the straight edge both above and below. 
It is often promulgated that bed bugs can be killed via heat by placing infested materials into black plastic bags and then into the sun. However, this has never been fully scientifically investigated and is probably not effective with large items, which have a high thermal inertia. Thus this method is not recommended.


Pest Management via

140 Degree (Celsius) Steam


Great for Bedrooms,

Hotel Rooms, Upholstery

and more!


Further Protection - can be offered using our Sofcover TM Mattress Covers:

Protect your bed with Nimby's Mattress Covers by SofcoverTM.  The SofcoverTM luxurious fabric is soft to the touch while conforming to fit any mattress.  Made of a comfortable stretch fabric and joined to our unique light weight barrier, SofcoverTM mattress protectors can be used on any mattress. Hot water wash with regular detergent and non-chlorine bleach. Use air fluff to dry or medium heat, permanent press cycle.



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