Steam Pest Control


Advantages of SovcoverTM Material


Low Maintenace

Energy Efficient


Does NOT trap or harbour dust mites or their allergen

Does NOT attract or trap hair and other particles


Comfortable and soft to the touch - not detected under sheets


Fire Retardancy is safely manufactured into product


SofcoverTM by Mattress Safe LLC

The SofcoverTM luxurious fabric is soft to the touch while conforming to fit any mattress.  Made of a comfortable stretch fabric and joined to our unique light weight barrier, SofcoverTM mattress protectors can be used on any mattress.  Hot water wash with regular detergent and non-chlorine bleach.  Use air fluff to dry or medium heat, permanent press cycle.  Made in U.S.A.


Nimby Price List for Mattress Covers by Sofcover
Superior Mattress  Encasements (covers)
9"-15" Depth
Mattress Size  NIMBY Price 
Twin 39x75  $              59.00
Long Twin 39x80  $              61.00
Full (Double) 54x75  $              68.00
Long Full 54x80  $              73.00
Queen 60x80  $              81.00
King 78x80  $              93.00
Cal King 73x84  $              98.00
Pillow Covers (Encasements)
Type Size   NIMBY Price 
Twin - STD 27x32  $              15.00
Queen 29x32  $              16.00
King 31x32  $              17.00
Box Spring Covers  (Encasements) 9" Depths
Type Size   NIMBY Price 
Twin 39x75  $              23.75
Long Twin 39x80  $              26.85
Full 54x75  $              28.85
Long Full 54x80  $              29.50
Queen 60x80  $              33.00
King 78x80  $              37.25
Cal King 73x84  $              38.75