Moss Control

In areas where there is an excess of moisture and less sunlight (cool, shady areas). The most common areas we are asked to control are on roofs, patios, decks, lawns and trees. Within the realm of lawn care moss can be a concern as it will take over grass and prevent homeowners from having the lush green lawn they are looking for.


Lawn Care and Moss Control


Nimby Lawn Care will employ various methods to remove and control moss within lawns including chemical treatments, physical removal and a combination of the two. In addition, we will ensure that we assist you in controlling the underlying conditions that led to moss growth in order to keep the moss from returning.


How do I keep the Moss from returning?


In order to prevent the moss from returning it is essential that the underlying conditions that contributed to the growth of the moss are eliminated. To do so the following suggestions will help:


  • Be sure to trim tree limbs that will shade the grass too much.
  • In areas where grass receives less than 4 hours of sunlight a day if may be necessary to completely remove some trees and shrubs.
  • When mowing the lawn be sure to only cut 1/3 of the top growth. This will allow roots to grow deep and protect the grass from moss invasion.
  • Plant shade grass.
  • Ensure the soil is not excessively wet as this will contribute to moss growth.


You mention keeping the area dryer. How can I do so?


  • Water your grass only when needed. Most lawns only need 15 minutes of water once or twice a week.
  • Add soil or sand to low lying areas of your lawn to allow more sunlight to penetrate the grass and dry out the area.
  • Often the grading of your lawn may be the problem. Trenching the wet areas will allow water to more easily drain from your grass.
  • Use core aeration on your lawn. This reduces the instance of compacted soils which can contribute to moss growth.



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