Mould Cleanup Guidelines

Tips plus techniques

Alright the tips as well as techniques that you find in this section will surely help you get rid of your mould problem. Take note that mould can cause stain as well as bring about cosmetic damage. In other words, it might not be feasible to make an item clean without this affecting the item’s original or initial appearance.

•    Ensure that you take care of plumbing leaks plus other water-related problems as quickly as possible. Completely dry every item.

•    Scrub hard surfaces using detergent as well as water to get rid of mould, and dry these completely.

•    Before attempting mould cleanup, ensure that you are properly kitted for this exercise. Things you need to consider wearing include goggles, N-95 respirator, and gloves. Also, make sure that people around infestation area are not exposed to mould. 

•    Also, do not seal or paint mouldy surfaces. First thing you need to do is to get rid of the mould from this surface, after which you can then paint. Applying paint to mouldy surface is not the best as this would likely peel off.

•    Now if you aren’t sure about the way to clean a particular item, or consider it too risky to carry out because such item is valuable or due to the fact that you are sentimentally attached to it, then you might consider hiring a specialist. You can find one by checking out phone books or visiting relevant web pages. Specialists that you may be considering include experts in fields such as art restoration, furniture repair, painting, carpet or rug cleaning, etc.   

Bathroom tip

Alright this tip is for places; such as your bathroom that are almost always wet or damp. It is indeed very difficult or almost impossible to keep such “wet places” entirely free from mould. If some mould is present in say the shower or somewhere else in your bathroom that is always reappearing, you should endeavour to increase ventilation (by leaving the window open or running your fan)  here and clean more often in order to prevent this from recurring or at the minimum  to reduce mould infestation.