Mould Cleanup

Who ought to carry out the cleanup exercise is one that depends on several factors. The first consideration will be the size of this mould problem. If mould area is only 10 square ft. or less, then most likely you should be able to handle this yourself. Nevertheless:

•    If water damage has been immense or the concerned mould growth area exceeds 10 square ft., then you may choose to consult an expert service provider. With respect to this, we at Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control are available to render mould cleanup service. Such service might require a more extensive evaluation of your property in order to ascertain the extent of mould growth or damage.

•    If you think your HVAC system has been contaminated with mould, this may be part of a moisture problem that needs to be addressed or it may be that mould is presently close to the HVAC system’s intake.  Make sure that you don’t run your system if you suspect or are aware that this has been contaminated with mould. Doing otherwise might spread mould all over your building, aggravating the situation further.

•    If mould and/or water damage is due to sewage or some other problem like contaminated water, you should call in an expert. Such person should be experienced in cleaning plus fixing buildings that have been damaged by polluted water.

•    If you are having health concerns you should also get in touch with a health practitioner. This should be done before cleanup is executed.

So now that you know better it is important to make use of this information in making the right decision so as to bring about the much desired goal; a healthy home environment devoid of mould infestation. And Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control can surely make this happen.