What to Wear When Cleaning Mouldy Areas

Indeed it is paramount for you to take preventive measures in order to reduce exposure to mould as well as to mould spores. 

•    You should avoid inhaling mould or mould spores. So as to reduce exposure to mould present in the air, you need to wear a respirator (N-95 respirator). It can be purchased from a hardware store or from businesses that place adverts online. Some of these N-95 respirators look like paper dusk masks with frontal nozzles present, while others are produced mainly from rubber or plastic with removable cartridges present that can trap most mould spores that attempt gaining entrance. For this to achieve results, the respirator needs to fit very well, so do follow all supplied instructions of the respirator carefully.  

•    Wear gloves. It is recommended that long gloves, which reach the forearm’s middle, are made use of. If you are making use of water plus a gentle detergent, then ordinary house-hold rubber gloves might be suitable. Otherwise, if it is chlorine bleach or some other strong solution used for cleaning that you are making use of, then you need to wear gloves that are made from PVC, rubber, neoprene or polyurethane. Avoid contact with mould or mouldy items using bare hands.

•    Put on goggles. Goggles without ventilation holes should be made use of. Do not allow mould or mould spores to get in contact with your eyes.

 How does one determine when cleanup or remediation has been completed?

You need to have completely taken care of water problem before you can safely say cleanup has been finished. Below are some points to take note of with respect to this.

•    Mould removal should have been completed. Visible signs of mould or mouldy odours should not be in existence. Please be aware of the fact that mould may bring about staining as well as cosmetic change.

•    Cleanup site(s) or area(s) should be revisited sometime after remediation was carried out and should present no sign of mould growth or water damage. 

•    People should be able to take residence or reoccupy areas cleaned up without physical symptoms or health complaints.

If you are experiencing a tough time deciding on whether cleanup exercise that you carried out is suitable you may get in touch with Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control for an expert assessment.