Industrial Bird Cannon

Industrial Bird Cannon


Our rugged industrial – type bird cannon can provide the definite solution for bird management as far as your site is concerned. The cannons are strong enough to survive the difficult northern weather conditions. They are a popular fixture on landfills and they can function in high winds, even while close to heavy-duty operating equipment. Let’s just say that this technologically advanced device is the most reliable bird cannon available in the market today.

Birds oftentimes are fast in acclimatizing to the pre-arranged firings from this bird cannon. It is due to this that this industrial-type bird cannon is programmed with real-time clock, with a random-sequence timer that is set to unilaterally fire either of the 2 three-inch cannons. It is possible for anyone operating this bird cannon to set timers to automatically switch on/off as the case may be according to permitted hours of operation. The bird cannon timer is run by a little solar array that stores the much needed energy in a pack of batteries for future use. It can accommodate as much as a100lb size propane tank. The device’s coverage area is usually as much as 100 acres, but this depends on the type of bird.

It is possible for the cannon to be taken plus relocated by a loader (front-end), or just simply dragged using a towing-vehicle. Manufactured to take a beating, this bird cannon is absolutely durable.

Even though this has been designed as well as tested particularly for landfills, this bird cannon is indeed well-fitted to handle problematic wildlife in other commercial as well as industrial locations, like farms or airports.

Main advantages         

•    Reliable ignition – this device is fitted with an electronic ignition, which ignites on demand no matter the weather condition.
•     Real-time clock- this has pre-programming feature that allows for weekly pre-programming during operating hours.
•    Winding timers are none existent – four to five days solar power storage ensures timers continue to function.
•    Rough plus durable – sturdy and structural steel design makes it capable of surviving encounters involving heavy operating machines or equipment.
•    Bad weather stability – this is the cannon for bad weather as it can overcome winds that exceed 90km/h speed without any damage to this equipment or without it tipping over.
•    Flexibility – it is possible to purchase, rent or even lease-to-own this bird cannon.
•     Random sequence timer – it can unilaterally shoot cannons, thus discouraging bird habitation.
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