The Leachate Pump

The Leachate extraction-pump is one that is simple, but a robust fix to landfill leach-related problems.  The design philosophy of this pump is one that involves the manufacturer providing a pump that is substantially flexible with respect to application depth, and drive plus flow options, while making sure that installation as well as maintenance remain simple.

The Leachate pump is one piston pump (positive-displacement), which can be installed into an already existing gas well-infrastructure. The mechanical linkage of this pump converts the DC electric-motor’s rotary motion into the piston’s reciprocating   motion at the pump’s foot. Now the piston assembly involved is very amiable with particulate matter that is commonly found in waste dump fluids. In addition, the pump has drive system that is solar-powered, thus eliminating the requirement for energy source (namely; electrical power) that is at the gas-well. Although a manually-operated drive option is available.

•    Electric – This is the most favoured drive option because of its long-term operational cost benefit over other options.
•    Solar option – The solar option is driven by motor options with low horsepower rating (between 0.2 – 0.33 horsepower rating), it has been well accepted in the remote wells as well as green initiatives field.
•     Hand-operated – This is mainly used for ground-monitoring wells.

There are 2 pump models that allow the selection of the right pumping capacity option for your desired application. They both come with a flexible speed drive, which allows for pump flow-rate to be changed and are both easily and quickly substitutable as circumstances demand. Various seal sets allow for secure sealing all through the assembly.

The ATZ Leachate Pump provided by Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control gets it done – that is just the way it is. This product has a track record that speaks for it.