Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs in Ancaster

Bed bug infestations are a fairly new problem for Ancaster residents and because of that information about them is continually changing. Due to this, pest control specialists are attempting to deal with this problem in the most effective way. Because it has been found that bed bugs have built up immunities to some insecticides, we believe it is difficult to rid minor infestations with a chemical application and almost impossible to eliminate badly infested spaces. Heat chambers, however, have been found to eradicate even the most difficult of infestations in the Ancaster area.

Heat chambers are a non-chemical treatment option which can kill bed bugs in a reasonably short period of time- hours compared to days. Studies have shown the sensitivity many types of bugs have to heat. When an Ancaster property is heated to a minimum temperature of 120°F, and maintained for 3.5 hous, the bugs’ cellular membranes and denaturing enzymes-which are required for survival-are disrupted, killing the insect. Heat chambers have been found to kill not only bed bugs but ants, clothing moths, carpet beetles, roaches etc.

There are many benefits to the use of heat chambers. Infestations can be eradicated without the use of chemicals and heat treatment yields immediate results meaning Ancaster homeowners will be back in their homes more quickly than if a chemical treatment is used. Heat treatments also require less preparation work from the homeowner and the heat has the ability to penetrate through many layers fabric, wall cavities and upholstery, finding bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are.