Identification of Bed Bugs Dundas (Is this a Bed Bug?)

Bed bugs are nocturnal and elusive insects which can make them very difficult for Dundas, Ontario residents to spot and identify. Bed bugs are small insects with oval shaped, flat bodies and they do not have wings. Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye at all stages of life; however, when they are young they are only about 1mm which could make them difficult to spot. Fully grown bed bugs are generally 4-5mm in length. Bed bugs are brown in colour; however, when they become engorged with blood their body elongates and swells, changing colour from brown to a dull red.

How can I locate bed bugs if I think they are in my residence?

One of the most visible signs of an infestation is dark spotting or staining on clothing, sheets and mattresses. Other signs include: eggshells, molted skins or excrement found in small crevices, the most common being mattresses; red itchy bumps on the body, and- in severe cases- a sweet, stale odor can be detected.

To force bed bugs out of their hiding spaces you can use: a hair dryer (bed bugs are sensitive to heat); a playing card or a thin knife. You can also use a flashlight to look for bed bugs and their droppings in a room.

Where should I look for bed bugs?

Bed bugs generally migrate to dark spots where it is difficult to detect their presence. When looking for bed bugs you should generally check: the seams of your mattress; the box spring and bed frame of your bed; baseboard cracks; around and inside nightstands; in the cracks of your bed and behind your headboard as well as any other bedroom items.