Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs in Milton

Milton Ontario Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are wingless hitch-hikers who are good at hiding in hard to reach cracks and crevices in your walls, floors and furniture. Left alone to themselves, they will feed and grow in such a rapid pace until you find yourself in a serious bed bug infestation. Controlling them has become increasingly difficult and challenging especially for modern bed bugs that have developed high resistance against chemicals and pesticides. Both homeowners and business owners in Milton Ontario are always looking for an approach that will get rid of these pests for good.

Knowing that bed bugs thrive in stable temperatures, manipulation of heat has become a well-known and a very effective treatment that kills these insects. Heat treatment also comes in different forms such as steam, hot dryers, heat chambers and portable heating devices. All of which work based on the fact that bed bugs cannot stand abrupt changes in temperature. When it gets too hot, they all die from eggs to immature and mature bed bugs.

Heat in the form of steam is used to treat bed bugs in furniture, carpets, baseboards and upholstered furniture among others. If it’s a large scale infestation, mobile heating pumps are used to steam the entire area even reaching those dark corners where they often hide and breed. Hot dryers and heat chambers, on one hand, are to treat infected household items, clothing and bedding. The item may need to be washed with detergent and hot water first then it is subjected for 20-30 minutes in the dryer. Some heat chambers are large enough to clean furniture, couches and even mattresses.

Heat treatment of Bed bugs in Milton Ontario is quite common because of its certain advantages as compared to chemical treatments. For one, heat is non-toxic but very potent as a treatment against infestations. Heat can also kill viable eggs unlike pesticides that only targets adult bed bugs.

Pest control companies understand how effective and useful heat treatments are which is why one of their offering is focused on employing steam heat treatment for businesses and home owners in Milton Ontario. A professional Nimby technician or operation is trained specifically for the employment of steam on major pest infestations. Using a large heating device or a steamer head, targeted furniture and items are treated with high temperature. If the infestation has dispersed from one area to its neighboring units, steam is pumped to the entire building. This is ideal for businesses involving hotels, apartments and condominiums.

Steaming is tedious and time-consuming so the technician must be well-trained and well-versed with the process in order to ensure that the treatment will produce optimum results. Factors such as steam velocity and temperature should be maintained throughout the process to avoid blowing bugs off and dispersing the eggs all over the room. It is done using the right equipment with correct steamer head size. The area has to be properly prepared to avoid any damages to furniture and other items that may react with steam. Call us at 1-888-681-6266 for more information.