Identification of Bed Bugs Milton – Is this a Bed Bug?

Is this a bed bug?

When it comes to bedbug infestations in Milton Ontario, there is no such thing as clean houses or business facilities. Even the cleanest room will not be spared. And this one of the most common misconception when studying bed bugs. They are not attracted to clutter or dirt rather they are dispersed from one area to another through travel. Infected hotels, motels and condominiums have bed bugs that can crawl into your luggage bringing them home in the process. 

If you believe you brought the bed bug home, look for some tangible signs that will help you with correct identification of bed bugs. There are some insects that share the same physical characteristics with bed bugs such as the bat, barn swallow and poultry bugs. To avoid confusion, make sure you have the correct species to get the treatment right.

Is this a bed bug? This is the most important question to ask before calling a professional. Just because you have bug bites all over does not necessarily mean that bed bugs are the culprit. Although bite symptoms are good indicators, you’ll need to find more evidences to support your suspicion. Getting an actual sample of the bug from your mattress or luggage will be very helpful. Once you have confirmed with professionals, the right treatment can be employed to stop the infestation.

Understanding the bed bug’s life cycle will come in handy when it comes to correct identification of bed bugs in Milton Ontario. It begins with an egg that looks grain-like and yellowish-white in color. Viable eggs are elongated capsule in shape and the size is like a grain of sugar. You may need a magnifying glass to spot them and eggs usually adhere to surfaces. They hatch in about 2 weeks and you’ll need to look for egg shells that remain on surfaces. 

Hatched eggs are referred to as the immature bed bugs. The juveniles are wingless with oval flattened body, translucent tan in color with small dark protruding eyes. They have six legs, 2 antennas and the size of a poppy seed. Younger bedbugs start feeding immediately and they would look swollen and darker after a good bite. They will go through five molting stages before reaching maturity and the accordion-like folds on their bodies will start to develop more.

After five weeks, immature beg bugs will become adults which mean that they will require weekly feedings now. Adults look similar in terms of shape but only bigger and darker in color. They are the size of an apple seed and the back looks like a shiny rusty red color. Upon maturity, the bugs will continue to live for about four to six months but the tough ones can survive for years.

Some other signs that you can relate to a bed bug infestation in Milton Ontario may include blood stains on beddings, dark and rusty excrements on the floor, furniture and mattresses, and shed skins or fecal sports near the cracks or corners of your room. If you have the bites and the signs, the next move would be to work an experienced professional to perform visual inspection and thorough analysis of the problem. When you are 100% certain that you have bed bugs, only then can correct treatment start.  Call Nimby Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions if you suspect you have a bedbug problem in Milton: 1-888-681-6266.