dentification of Bed Bugs Mississauga – Is this a Bed Bug?

Is this a bed bug?

Some of the common symptoms that will help identify a bedbug problem in Mississauga Ontario include skin bites, shells on the floor, fecal matter and of course, crawling pests in reddish-brown and without any wings. If it’s an infestation, they can be anywhere in the room including in the seams and tufts of the mattress, inside the box spring or along the bed frame. They would also hide behind the headboard, around nightstands and especially around cracks and crevices in the bed. Even other bedroom items such as window and door casings, wallpaper and nearby furniture will not be spared.

Sometimes, you will not easily spot a bedbug infestation since these pests don’t really come out during the day. Bed bugs hide and crawl out at night to feed on their hosts to suck human or animal blood resulting to skin bites which are painless at first but it will eventually turn into large and itchy skin welts.  But how do you if is this a bed bug bite? 

Bed bug bites are probably one of the first symptoms that you’ll notice right away. But a bite will not necessary mean it is because of a bed bug. It could be due to other pests present in the room. Making sure of the cause is crucial to ensure that you’ll have the problem treated properly and correctly. Most bed bug bites will be around the face, neck, upper torso, arms and hands. Some people experience allergic reactions while some don’t and they will eventually go away by themselves even without treatment. Individual responses may vary but the appearance often looks like small red bumps or large itchy flat sores appearing in group of threes.  Mississauga businesses and residents alike have reported a higher number of bed bug infestations in the past 5 years.

Fortunately, a bedbug bite is known not carry or transmits any kind of disease. The itchiness and the red flat sores can be a nuisance but you don’t have to worry about spreading disease. They will go away in a couple of days but some welts may stay for several weeks which may mean that medication is necessary. The usual anti-itch or allergic ointments can help reduce the itchiness. It’s important to always keep the skin dry and clean while avoiding scratching to avoid infection. In cases of infections, seeing a doctor is recommended for proper prescription. You may need to take antihistamines or apply cream to relieve the sore and the itchiness. Sometimes, oral antibiotics can also cure serious cases of bedbug bites.

Most bites will resemble that of mosquito and other insect bites so you need to look for other important signs to establish the presence of bedbugs in your room.What you can do is explore the common places where bed bugs thrive and grow. Use a bright flashlight to spot for these tiny insects that can be light-brown in color if they are immature and reddish-brown for adults. The eggs will look translucent or powdery-white. Another helpful step is to use a hot hair dryer and blow dry those cracks and crevices to force them to come out of hiding.  If you live in Mississauga and feel you may have a bed bug problem give us a call at 1-888-681-6266 for a free consultation.