Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs in Mississauga

One of the most effective methods used to treat bed bug infestations in Mississauga Ontario is heat treatment relying on the principle that these wingless bloodsuckers cannot stand extremely high temperature. However, the treatment should be conducted by an experienced professional or technician to ensure that best practices are always in mind. Careful execution will not only maximize the benefits of the treatment but it’s the key avoid incidents due to equipment malfunction or lack of experience.

There have been minor cases of bedbug remediation heat treatment that resulted to damages in furniture and other household items due to the high temperature. Some serious situation can even cause fire if not monitored and done properly. Since the environment is extremely sensitive, only licensed pest control companies should be trusted with this kind of job.

Extreme temperatures have been identified as a highly effective solution to bed bug infestation because it kills them all from eggs to juvenile and the adults. Heat can be in two forms either as radiant heat or steam heat. The other treatment that also manipulates temperature is referred as freezing or cold treatment.

Freezing is a viable option in Mississauga Ontario to treat bed bugs in business facilities and houses because it is generally safe and non-toxic. The process requires a thorough and extensive labor with the goal of destroying the bug’s cellular structure upon rapid contact. It is a completely dry treatment so rooms can be used immediately after the process is complete. Unlike heat-based bed bug treatments, freezing combines effectiveness and convenience because it does not present any risks or possible damage to the room and the furniture. It’s easier in a sense since there are no relocating of furniture, computers and other items needed.

Some companies use radiant heat to kill bed bugs but permission from the local fire department is required before it can be done. This kind of treatment makes use of extremely high temperature range between 113 to 140 degrees F holding it for a minimum of 2 to 8 hours. Since the area is subjected to such heat, it may lead to risks of fire and preparation includes disabling of sprinkler systems and changing of fuses. One drawback for this treatment is the possibility of not penetrating all areas of the room or the furniture.

Steam heat treatment in Mississauga Ontario, on one hand, control bedbug infestation and further proliferation by killing them upon contact with hot water. This process is also safe and non-toxic which is why it is often the common choice among businesses and apartments with serious bedbug problems. It requires tedious work and preparation including removal of furniture, electronics, soft wood items and art works that may be subjected to damage upon contact with steam.

Whichever bed bug treatment is used, the effectiveness will vary from case to case especially that these treatments vary in their safety and risk factors. The key to a successful bed bug remediation is really dependent on the extent of the problem. If you’re dealing with a lot of cracks and crevices, the treatment that should be employed is the one that penetrates them well.