Mississauga Bed Bug Control

The bed bug problem has become prevalent in the past few years and is quickly becoming a serious issue for residents throughout Southern Ontario, including Mississauga. A large number of cases of bedbug infestation in hotels, apartments, condominiums and houses in Mississauga Ontario are reported and treated by pest control companies (Nimby) each year. With the ever increasing need and demand for international travel, it can only mean trouble if you don’t take precautionary measures especially that bedbugs disperse from infected area to another through luggage.  Thus despite having a bed bug free home you can unknowingly bring bed bugs back to your Mississauga home.

Staying in an infested hotel room opens the possibility for the little critters to crawl into your luggage bringing them home with you and creating a new infestation case in your household. With bed bugs, even the cleanest and most organized homes are susceptible. They also proliferate rapidly and if left untreated, you may end up with legions of bedbugs in your own bedroom. Instead of waiting until the problem is out control, it helps if you can be proactive and prevent bed bug infestation from happening in the first place.  Nimby Pest, Wildlife Control and Environmental Solutions offers preventative bed beg programs specific to Mississauga residents.

Hotel rooms are one of their favorite places so before booking your accommodation, check for previous client complaints. Since some cases are left unreported, research will not always guarantee a pest-free stay but customer review will give you a good start.

Inspect the room as soon as you check in. Check out places where bedbugs usually hide which include mattresses, headboards, side tables by the bed, sofa bed, couch, carpet and curtains. Cracks and corners are also favorite hiding outs. The key is to look for everything from viable eggs to live bedbugs as well as blood spots and fecal matters. If you notice a white powder residue around the room, it usually indicates that the hotel has been recently treated for a bedbug infestation.

Protecting your luggage is of utmost importance if you don’t want bedbugs to hitchhike in one of the pockets. Keep it away from the bed or better yet, keep your suitcase in the bathroom since bedbugs aren’t very fond of powder rooms. If the hotel has a luggage stand, use it and don’t unpack your clothes without doing the inspection first. There’s also a chance that these pests will cling to your clothes so it would be best to use plastic bags for your laundry. Seal the bag to avoid contamination with your other clothing.

As part of the prevention process in Mississauga Ontario, the smartest thing you can do when you get back home is to wash everything. Just wash and dry your clothes and subject them to your hot dryer for half an hour to kill any bedbug if there’s any. Cleaning the suitcase and treating it for any bed bug infestation is highly recommended. In order to avoid serious bed bug problems, preventing them to lay eggs is the key to avoid an infestation altogether.

Frequent travelers who hop from one hotel to another dragging along the same luggage every time should be extra careful. By taking sufficient proactive measures against possible bed bug infestation in Mississauga Ontario, you can soundly sleep at night when you get home.