Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs in Toronto

Toronto Bedbug Control - Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are considered to be an insect that are hard to control and treat and have made the Toronto news many times over the past few years. Their proliferation rate is unstoppable unless proper measures are taken. In an event that a large-scale infestation occurred, professional methods are necessary. Traditional chemical options are still widely used in controlling bedbugs both in business and residential areas. However, some species of these insects have developed resistance over time. Though adult bugs are killed, the eggs are left unharmed leaving it free to proliferate in the future.  This is why Nimby Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions uses heat treatment to kill bed bugs.

With chemical and pesticide treatments, there’s also the issue of possible health risks and side effects. Because there are sensitive areas that require non-chemical treatments, some providers took advantage of the fact that bedbugs are highly sensitive to temperature. They thrive well in areas where the temperature is pretty much stable. Injecting heat disrupts the bed bug’s biology resulting to an impressive plummet in their population.

In Toronto Ontario, heat treatment of bed bugs has become a common option. It can come in the form of clothes dryers where infected clothing, bedding and curtains are subjected to high temperature to kill bed bugs. Another method involves raising room temperatures to or above the bug’s killing temperature usually at around 45 degree Celsius. This kind of treatment is normally carried out by professionals either for residential areas or fumigating an entire building.

NIMBY Pest Control also offers steam heat treatment of bed bugs in Toronto Ontario. Manipulating heat through steam has been discovered to effectively kill bed bugs at all stages even newly laid eggs. Effective steam treatment needs to be abrupt but thorough. Gradual increase in temperature will not work because it will only cause the bugs to disperse. There’s also the possibility that steam will not be able penetrate some materials enough to kill bed bugs that are deeply hiding. Another drawback is the possible damage that steam may cause on furniture such as varnished wood.

Despite the drawbacks, steam has been very effective especially if performed correctly and thoroughly. Steam heat treatments are ideal for environments that prefer not to use chemicals or pesticides in controlling bed bugs. Licensed pest control companies in Toronto Ontario would normally pump heat using a trailer or a mobile-heat generating unit to cover the area including corners and crevices where bugs thrive and hide. The goal is to reach a high enough temperature that will lower the relative humidity in the environment in as little time as possible. Bed bugs are effectively killed when they experience such an abrupt increase in the surrounding’s temperature.

NIMBY Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions can offer you several options to choose from in order to effectively eliminate bedbugs. For residents and business owners in the Toronto area call us at 1-888-681-6266.