Heat Treatment of Pallets

Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is a company that provides heat treatment for pallet that meets the ISPM requirement (ISPM No.15) using two cutting-edge pallet kilns. Every pallet, crate, dunnage that is treated by Nimby has been heated in accordance with the minimum 56°C core temperature for the required minimum duration of 30 mins. In addition, electronic reports or analysis are produced to record every 2 mins. of the process involved. Such reports are created on each load that is treated by Nimby.

Cycle time varies for semi load amounts of pallets plus that of crates from 2 – 5 hours on an average. This depends on ambient temperature as well as the size of the concerned material that is to undergo treatment. 6 probes sampling core-temperature all over the premium kiln guarantees foolproof heat treatment-cycles. The kilns are versatile and suitable to take used or new pallets of different sizes plus species. Control of moisture is available and can be requested.

The heat treatment of pallet plus the certification process of pallet is done in line with the required standards. This is as established by American Lumber Standards committee. Every piece of equipment is adjusted or overhauled yearly in order to guarantee accuracy.

When Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control certifies your pallets, know that you are indeed getting quality service from a heat treatment facility that one of the best in the industry.