Burlington Wildlife Control

While there are numerous wildlife control methods available, not all of them offer efficient and long term results specifically tailored to a particular area such as Burlington Ontario. Wildlife animals such as foxes, raccoons, skunks and snakes have different habits and biological characteristics. In order for a control method to be successful, NIMBY Wildlife Management understands the problem fully prior to execution considering clues and traces that will correctly identify which nuisance animal is the culprit.  Thus we provide effective Burlington Ontario Wildlife Control which is both professional and highly efficient.

At NIMBY, we believe that accurate identification is the key to a successful wildlife removal program. We have vast fleet of trucks covering multiple cities in Southern Ontario, particularly in Burlington Ontario where wildlife animals habituate everywhere from rural to urban properties causing damages of unbelievable extent. Our trucks are equipped with a GPS tool to ensure that our employees can search and scout the infested area while on-call finding the shortest route possible.

We have a team of experienced crews and staff commuting throughoutBurlington Ontariocontrolling wildlife and serving both homeowners and businesses with wildlife damage problems. Whether it’s a small scale raccoon removal or a serious fox infestation problem, we have the tools, the staff and the correct control method to get rid of this problem of good.

Our goal is to eliminate wildlife pests and reducing the physical, environmental and biohazard damages by using practical methods based on a thorough area inspection and correct identification of the nuisance animal. Over the years, we have designed and develop methods specific for foxes, raccoons and other wildlife species that endanger the existence of some of Burlington’s native wildlife animals.

Habitat modification has been proven effective to keep raccoons off properties. The more undesirable and unattractive the area becomes, the higher the chances for these pests to go away. After all, they have to eat to survive. NIMBY works around raccoons by assisting the homeowner in removing as many potential food sources. Trash cans for example should be secured to have tight-fitting lids, loose wires are fixed and trash containers are relocated. We also perform exclusion methods by repairing structures and securing holes to prevent raccoons from habituating.

For clients dealing with fox or skunk problems in Burlington Ontario, NIMBY offers an integrated control program that may include a large scale poisoning or removal in conjunction with other methods such as den fumigation, exclusion fencing and appropriate animal husbandry.

Foxes and skunks pose a lot of threat to homes in Burlington as they can cause extreme damage.  Both can be vicious scavenges that feed on garbage. Not only are they threatening the extinction of some harmless animals but they carry diseases like distemper, hepatitis and mange. Without any intervention, foxes will continue to breed and re-use the same den year after year.

Fortunately, NIMBY has had numerous clients who dealt with the same problem. Foxes are not threatened by conventional methods of control. In fact, they can re-infest the same area rapidly as if there is no control measures employed at all. While fox removal is tricky and not always easy, we have ways and strategies that will make your fox infestation problem disappear for good.  For more information on Wildlife Control in Burlington call us at 1-888-681-6266.