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The bushy-tailed woodrat is the only native rat to Canada and is found in the western parts of North America from Mexico to the Arctic Circle. The bushy-tailed woodrat has a much more common name: the "pack rat". This species or rat has a very unusual trading and material collection habits. Firstly, the bushy-tailed woodrat is highly attracted to shiney objects. This may range from coins to spoons. Pack rats have been observed to drop whatever they are carrying and pick up shiny items. Secondly, the bushy-tailed woodrat builds builds extensive structures, called midden. These midden are not necessarily the location of their nests. The female and offspring may be located in a separate nest. 

Bushytailed Woodrat

Where do Bushy-Tailed Woodrats Live?

Pack rats are very adaptable creatures that live in many different habitats. As their name might suggest, they are commonly found in wooded areas such as boreal forests; however, they will live around rocky places including man-made buildings, abandoned or not. The bushy-tailed woodrat will collect debris and bring it to natural crevices or man-made structures. These debris structures are called midden and normally consist of plant foliage, feces, and other scavenged materials. This structure is reinforced by the bushy-tailed woodrat's urine, which crystallizes and strengthens the debris structures. The nest of the pack rat may be located within the midden, however, it is often located elsewhere. The nest is the location of the female and her offspring.

Are Bushy-Tailed Woodrats Dangerous?

The bushy-tailed woodrat is not anymore dangerous than other rodents. The risk of disease and damage to your property is the same. As all mammals, bushy-tailed woodrats may carry rabies, although few cases have been reported.

Bushy-Tailed Woodrat Control

These rodents can be very territorial, thus difficult to exclude after they have moved in. Several rodent control options are available. There are do-it-yourself kits available as well as professional service from an experience pest control expert. Contact Nimby Pest Management if you have a pack rat problem.

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