Oakville Wildlife Control

NIMBY Wildlife Management provides cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for businesses and residential clients in Oakville Ontario with the primary objective of reducing damage without killing or maiming animals. Our methods are centered and based on specific animal habits and biology developed through intensive studies of each nuisance species. By matching wildlife control methods to the wildlife species in Oakville, the efforts, time and resources will more likely produce a more effective control system.  At the same time we are able to maintain the safety of other species involved, especially humans, and provide effective Oakville Wildlife Control.

Wildlifeanimals, including foxes, skunks and raccoons can cause extensive damage to your property, the environment and your health. Left on their own, a fox can grow into a herd preying on other harmless species in the Oakville area. They feed on birds and other small mammals. Foxes also cause serious economic damages on farm live stocks such lambs, poultry, goats and calves. In fact, extreme conditions of fox infestation can lead to lamb losses of up to 50% per year.

Raccoons are no pets either, generally considered as pests due to their natural instinct to destroy pretty much everything in your home or property. They will rip apart ducts, feed on food scraps, destroy your rooftops, scatter fecal waste and chew on insulation pipes among others. The environmental and biohazard damages are bad enough but Raccoons also carry potentially fatal diseases such as rabies and canine distemper which is known to kill dogs.  Thus Wildlife Control Oakville means contacting NIMBY as soon as possible to eliminate your potential problem.

Considering the degree of damages wildlife animals can cause in Oakville Ontario, it’s crucial to pick the right pest management company to get the job done correctly and efficiently. And NIMBY Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions we offer specific control methods designed to trap and eliminate raccoons. We understand that the key to effective wildlife removal is accurate identification of the nuisance animal causing all the damage. Feeding indications and animal traces are used to pinpoint the right pest then control methods are employed according to specific characteristics that will ensure no escape.

With NIMBY’s experience and expertise in wildlife control, we have customized control methods for foxes, raccoons, snakes, birds, rodents, skunks and more. We have developed control programs specifically focused on Oakville that focus on altering the habitat making it less appealing for wildlife pests. Other methods such as animal trapping and exclusion are carried out based on the appropriateness of location, season and environmental conditions.

Exclusion has been one of the most effective methods for foxes and raccoons in conjunction with habitat modification. Fences are built around the property to keep the animals away and structures are secured and repaired to give them no room to habituate within the area. Sometimes, den fumigation and strategic baiting work for foxes. For large areas with serious problems, integrated pest and wildlife control programs are needed to achieve long term fox control.

At NIMBY, clients within Oakville Ontario can benefit from our tested and proved wildlife removal methods. Our services not only cover efficient and effective methods but we also make sure the re-infestation is less likely to happen by regular monitoring and pre-emptive measures that are practical, humane and environmentally sound.