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Everyone knows the smell of a skunk, it is unmistakable. In Southern Ontario the Striped Skunk is certainly no stranger. These skunks appear to be the size of a cat with typically a wide body, short legs, small head, and their infamous striped, bushy tail. Skunks are frequently encountered by humans and on occasion they will nest within one kilometer from your home to feast on garbage when available. Handling these creatures can become a stinky affair so let experienced Nimby professionals take care of the job! Below we have provided you with basic information on the most common Rodents in Ontario.

For further information please send us an email or call us at 1-888-681-6266.

Where do Skunks Live and What do They Eat?

Skunks normally live in abandoned dens of similarly sized mammals such as the woodchuck or fox but on occasion they will borrow their own. They may also use old stumps, piles of refuse, or even your porch or cellar. Skunks are well adapted to human presence and in fact flourish in our presence. Skunks are omnivores, primarily eating insects, small mammals, and various plants. Like the raccoon, skunks will take advantage of your garbage provided there is easy access. When a skunk shows up in your neighbourhood, call Nimby Pest Management for professional removal and relocation of your skunk pests.

Trapping and Removal of Skunks

When it comes time to handle and remove skunks you will not find many willing volunteers. Here at Nimby, we are glad to share our experience and glad to provide you with professional skunk trapping and removal.

There are several important facts that may be very helpful when you cross paths with a skunk. First, the Striped Skunk is not a shy creature and is very confident. It is able to easily defend itself with its pungent sprayed odour if provoked. You can tell a skunk is about to spray if it is facing you in a U-shaped position, with both it's head and tale pointed towards you. Often, a skunk will not immediately assume this position, but will growl or hiss while stamping its feet or perhaps walk forwards on it's front legs with its tail high in the air. While in this position, a skunk cannot spray you; however, once in the U-shaped position a foul scented spray may be discharged up to 6 m with a surprisingly high degree of accuracy.

The second important fact about the Striped Skunk is that they are aware that their spray is foul smelling. As a result, they rarely spray in confined areas or within their den. This is a fact that may be exploited during their trapping.

The third important fact is that Striped Skunk are one of the major carriers of rabies in North America. Rabies is a virus that causes inflammation of the brain. It is slow progressing, however, once the infection reaches the central nervous system it can be fatal within days. If a wild animal appears to be uncharacteristically unafraid of your presence you should not attempt to approach it. Furthermore, if the animal appears to be drooling or partially paralyzed stay away from the animal and report the animal. If you are bitten by an animal that is suspected of carrying the rabies virus you should immediately wash the wound with soap and water, discard your clothing, and seek medical attention immediately.

At NIMBY, we have extensive experience with wildlife control and offer quick, effective and affordable removal of any skunk-related pest problem. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to enlist our services.

Tips for Removing Skunk Scent

If you are unfortunate and you or your household pet become victims to the foul odor of a skunk the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources lists an effective treatment.

1 L hydrogen peroxide

50 mL baking soda

5 mL dishsoap

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